Don’t Just Throw Away Those Coffee Grounds!

Used Coffee GroundsMany of us, including myself, simply brew coffee in the morning and throw away the used grounds. Nowadays we are always looking for ways to recycle, reuse and reduce wastes to help the environment.  Why shouldn’t this apply to coffee grounds, too?  There are endless possibilities on how you can recycle/reuse your used coffee grounds including art, cleaning, and as an order remover.

Coffee as Art.  Coffee is a very artistic drink, both in and out of the cup. For the kids, you can used water soaked coffee grounds for dying Easter eggs or soaking paper to give it an old, pirate treasure map look. {NOTE: Depending on what grounds you use can change the final brown color.} Have some scratches in your furniture? Rubbing coffee grounds over them can cover it or perhaps you just want to stain the whole piece of furniture to give it a vintage look! {NOTE: Again, be mindful of the color of the coffee grounds you are using so it matches.}

Coffee in Cleaning and Removing Odors.  Put those coffee grounds to work on your dirty pots and pans…not only does it work as a great scrubbing tool, but it also cuts through tough grease.  {NOTE: Depending on what you are cleaning, using coffee grounds as a cleaning agent can sometimes stain.}  Use it as a hand scrub, tool cleaner or even as a facial scrub.  They also work extremely well if you are trying to remove a lingering odor. By placing a cup of dried, used grounds in the odor-troubled area you provide a tool that absorbs those nasty smells. Coffee grounds can even help you battle ants. If you sprinkle some along their path or where you want to keep them out of, it repels them and breaks their chain. {NOTE: Be aware that while it repels ants, it also attracts cockroaches…ugh!}

Other Coffee Ground Uses.  Oh no, we are not done yet. Do you use a fireplace and hate taking out the ashes because they fly through the air and make a complete mess of your living room? Coffee grounds help to dampen those ashes so they settle. Wait for the ashed to cool first, spread the coffee grounds and get cleaning with less mess.  While you’re heating up the inside of your home, try using coffee grounds outside, too, by using it as a de-icer.  During the warmer seasons mix your coffee grounds into the soil as it acts as a great fertilizer, can act as a repellant for pesty bugs and worms love it, too!  {NOTE: Due to high acidic content, make sure you fertilizer acid-loving plants such as tomatoes, carrots, roses, rhododendrons and azaleas.}

Don’t be discouraged if you use k-cups, just save them up so you have a bunch to use. Let us know what you reuse your coffee grounds for, we’d love to hear from you!  {BONUS: The first 5 customers who let us know how they reuse coffee grounds and have their comment approved will receive $5 in Rocket Reward Points (=500 points)!}