Coffee in the Wilderness

There is no arguing, that moment when you take the first sip of your favorite coffee…heaven!  If you love your coffee and love the outdoors, you no longer have to go without!  There is a simple process to making your coffee while your “roughing it” without having to lug around a coffee machine with a lot of extension cords. The only thing extra you need to bring are your favorite coffee grounds. With three simple steps your campfire coffee will be complete in time for your daily hike.

Step 1: Boil Your Water. The key is to create a fire that is small but very hot. You want to let it burn, without adding much wood, so that you have hot coals instead of laying it on an actual flame. Gather the hottest of the coals and make an even bed so the water is heated evenly in the pot. Now you can add your water in the pot and bring it to a boil.campfire coffee {NOTE:  This also will be doubly useful if you are using water that has not been purified yet because once it has reached a boil, it is safe to drink.  Just let it cool down before you drink it!  :) }

Step 2: Add Coffee Grounds. Usually a few spoonfuls is enough for me but depending on how strong you like it depends on how much you will want to add. Let it boil for another minute or two and then take it off the coals to let the coffee grounds steep. {Steeping is the process of allowing the water to extract the essence of the coffee grounds. If you do not let the grounds steep, or soak, long enough then your coffee will taste watery.}  Be careful taking the coffee off the hot coals as to not burn yourself!

Step 3: Filter The Grounds.  There are a few ways you can do this. If you have a bandana or a thin piece of clothing, you can hold that over your cup to strain the grounds as the coffee flows through. The other way you can achieve this is if you add a little bit of cold water to the pot, it will cause the grounds to sink to the bottom. Now you can pour the top right into your cup! {NOTE: If using the cold water method, make sure it’s purified cold water and not just any stream water. Also, the finer the coffee grounds the harder it will be to filter.}

So now that you can make coffee in the wilderness, go out there and try it for yourself. Know of a different way to enjoy coffee in the wilderness without electricity?  Let me know and happy camping!