Pumpkin Out, Winter Flavors In

As the warmer weather rolled in ice cubes started filling our cups.  We all know that when it comes to the fall, the featured flavor that seems to take the craze is pumpkin. I don’t know if it is the demand of being around for a short period of time or if it is the fact that is just seems to taste so good with the cold weather, but regardless of the reasons the popularity is undeniable. Now that the snowflakes are blowing in and the seasonal pumpkin runs out, what’s next?

Santa coffee

A number of flavors have been swirling around from eggnog to chocolate to the classic peppermint. The peppermint coffees have sprung up as a nice and simple flavor without any real additives, but if you are looking to treat yourself to something different take a look below…

peppermint coffee

Hot Chocolate:

Winter Craze:


gingerbread coffee

Whatever your winter go-to flavor is, may every cup be soothing and invigorating!

What’s your favorite winter go-to drink {a little alcohol in it is ok, too 😉 }?


Starbucks Takes Mobile To The Next Level

starbucks delivery

Starbucks has always been one of the biggest names in the worldwide coffee industry and their name and logo very well known amongst coffee drinkers. As the economy grows and changes, so must businesses in order to succeed and Starbucks is no exception. With the spike of smart phone users comes the greater ability to multitask and work on the go. Starbucks has sought to tap into this resource by trying out a mobile pre-ordering app that will allow customers to order and pay for their beverages ahead of time so that you may have the ability to just walk in and out with your order.

starbucks delivery van

However, this is merely just the start for CEO Howard Schultz. His vision is that this mobile app will run smoothly and achieve what no other worldwide coffee company has done, become a delivery service as well. The idea is similar to the pre-ordering on the mobile app, except somebody will deliver it to you while you are working at your desk. Feeling a little hungry too? No need to fret as their foods will be on the delivery menu as well!

starbucks delivery 2

While I am in love with this idea, I foresee a few possible issues that could arise. What happens if only one or two people in an entire office are the only ones to order a coffee? Will that stretch the deliverers too thin with small orders? How will they keep the coffee at the peak temperature for the duration of the delivery? I am sure all of these questions will be answered and dealt with as the mobile app works out some of the kinks. Starbucks delivery will be the talk of the coffee town until it is scheduled to debut in mid to late 2015.

What do you think about being able to have coffee delivered to your office?


Coffee Aids The American Dream

Starbucks college plan
The “American Dream” is a term that has been used by many far and wide. Often, it is synonymous with getting a college degree. But as we grow as a nation, so does the tuition of many schools. This makes it hard to get a degree or to come out of school debt free. In an effort to better the definition of the “American Dream”, Starbucks is creating a program to help their partners (employees) achieve their full degree of education.

Starbucks ASU

By pairing with Arizona State University, Starbucks and their other chains, such as Teavana and Seattle’s Best, are working to help their partners achieve a full education while they work 20 or more hours at the stores. They are offering partners the opportunity to finish their bachelor’s degree with full tuition reimbursement.

Starbucks cap

This program has been called Starbucks College Achievement Plan and we are amazed at what a generous opportunity this is for their employees. The partnership with Arizona State University involves an online curriculum so that each employee/student is not required to go to the campus in Arizona. Astonishingly, despite all of the help that Starbucks is providing, they do not require you to remain an employee after you receive your degree. This generous program aims to address the growing college dropout rate and the college loan debts that may hurt or discourage some from an opportunity at an education that we should all have the chance for.

Here’s to Starbucks to help further the “American Dream” for so many individuals, we raise our mugs to you.


Need An Extra Boost?


I ran into some of my nieces and nephews over the weekend and was quickly brought back to my college days as they all talked about exam cram time they are going through right now. It consists of late nights and early mornings for that last minute studying in hopes to maximize your grade potential. Many students turn to their favorite cup o’joe to help boost their energy, stay up longer and hopefully increase focus through exam week.

Luckily there’s no more cram time in my future but I do find for many in the workforce, it’s common in the afternoon to “hit a wall” (around 2:30 p.m.) where focus is tough and you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. Some may resort to energy drinks but those are not always very healthy for our bodies.


Coffee Shop Boost: An easy little caffeine boost that you can do at any coffee shop, is to add an espresso shot to your drink. Espresso is made through a small amount of hot water being forced into finely ground coffee and creating a greater concentration of flavors. Another option is to get a beverage called the Cafe Americano. This can be a single or double shot of espresso that has a greater water ratio. Or if you’re passing through a Dunkin Donuts you can try their Turbo Coffee or Turbo Shot. These are some simple alterations to your everyday routine that can give you that extra boost you are looking for.

Death Wish Coffee

How about a cup of WORLD’S STRONGEST COFFEE? Appropriately named Death Wish Coffee, this company has worked tirelessly to create their perfected product through their roasting techniques and more importantly, through their small batches. How does this coffee stack up to it’s more well-known counterparts?

Coffee Comparison Death


Of course we’d be we’d be remiss not to mention that exercising regularly and healthy eating are great, natural ways to energize your body. :)  What do you do to help increase your energy and focus when you start to slow down but still need to be focused and effective?