Seriously, why didn’t we think of that?!

Even though most people slowly transition from iced coffee to hot coffee as the cooler fall weather sets in, there are always those die-hard iced coffee drinkers.  Luckily for you, we came across this awesome new invention called the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker. What makes this product stand out from others is the cooling process does not water down your coffee like the traditional pour over ice method. The container resembles a thermos that you pre-chill before you pour your coffee directly into it. After that, you simply put on the insulating sleeve that keeps your now cold beverage cold and you are good to go! This cups does just about everything except brew the coffee for you…


Which is the perfect lead into this next find! It is called the Hey Joe Coffee Mug and this little guy is quite possibly the first of many future creations in revolutionizing how we view coffee on the go.

hey joe

This travel sized mug can regulate the temperature of your coffee and brew it all from the same device, anywhere. It has a water compartment, a heater plate, a compartment for the coffee, and a rechargeable battery on the bottom. The only limit we can see is that currently only their brand coffee pods fit in the mug, but we have a feeling that it’s only going to get better from here!

hey joe how to


Changing Seasons Brings Changing Flavors

Halloween CoffeeI don’t know about you but the time has come to move from my summer iced coffee for a warmer, seasonal cup o’ Joe as fall begins to cool things down. As the mornings grow progressively cooler, I feel the need to have a nice warm cup of coffee to not only give me my daily caffeine, but also to warm and wake me up. Then it occurred to me that as the cooler weather rolls in so do the seasonal flavors like pumpkin, hazelnut, caramel, butter toffee, and apple cider. These flavors are a great way to enhance your fall experience. Call me crazy, but they just TASTE better when I drink pumpkin and apple cider in the fall. :-)

While it is fun to try the seasonal flavors as they roll out, I absolutely love the pumpkin flavors associated with fall…pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin bread, and even pumpkin seeds. But fear not, if you are not as big of a pumpkin fanatic as I am, there are still plenty of fantastic flavors to try. The hazelnut coffee is a great one to have in the morning with breakfast. I find that other flavors like caramel, pumpkin spice, and butter toffee are all great mid day beverages for a snack or pick me up. Come evening time…now that’s the perfect time to indulge in some hot apple cider to get that chill out of your bones and unwind without the caffeine.

My advice is to just let loose, experiment and try as many as you can! They are only good for a limited time so enjoy them while they are in season. While I have shared my favorites, I am always open for some other ideas. Here is to enjoying fall with some seasonal beverages, pumpkin carving, corn mazes, and Halloween!