Coffee de Mayo

{Disclaimer: Must be 21 years or older to fully enjoy this post 😉 )
Who doesn’t need a good reason to celebrate?  April showers (and cold, windy cloudy weather) make us yearn for the sunshine, warmer temperatures and busting out the grill kind of weather.  Cinco de Mayo is a fun time that can be shared among all, including your Keurig machine! Evening cocktails or drinks can be easily made with a k-cup of your choice and creative additions to enjoy the celebration.

Cinco de Mayo Coffee

First, in spirit of Cinco de Mayo, let us start what has been coined as “Mexican Coffee”. This drink was originally served in Los Cabos, Mexico and it combines coffee, Kahlua, a scoop of melted ice cream, and your choice of Tequila. It is a simple combination that changes up this traditional beverage.

Mexican Coffee

Don’t feel limited by just coffee type beverages though. Try a hot chocolate k-cup with your choice of liquor to match. I recommend a little hint of a cinnamon flavored liquor such as Goldschlager or Fireball but anything mint always goes well with chocolate, too! The ideas are truly endless based our your own imagination. Apple cider k-cup? Add some brandy. Want to make a hot buttered rum drink? Simply pop in a butter toffee k-cup and add your rum and then garnish with a stick of cinnamon.

Explore the possibilities as you drink your morning coffee, Mexican coffee, or even your Irish coffee (coffee, whiskey, and whipped cream).

Irish Coffee

No matter how you choose to enjoy your beverages, remember to drink responsibly. Share your favorite k-cup cocktails with us and see how yours stack up. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Not Just For Coffee Anymore

With one innovative idea, Green Mountain changed the way people think about and brew coffee and tea with K-Cup single serve packs.  The convenience and speed of their Keurig single serve k-cup delivery system has become part of the daily routines of millions. Green Mountain quickly expanded the versatility of their Keurig to brew more than just coffee.  Tea, iced coffee, hot chocolate, cider and more recently VitaBurst and iced tea are enjoyed throughout the year.

I LOVE when someone has the creativity to think outside the box (or brewer in this instance) and come up with a totally different way to use an item.  It seems as though the Keurig brewing system is not just for coffee and tea any more…

Keurig noodles

We all remember those days in college where we resorted to a cheap package of ramen or cup of noodles to get us by. Instead of boiling or microwaving the water, now you can simply place them right under the Keurig! The same can apply for other foods that need to absorb boiling water, such as oatmeal. I even know some people who prefer to infuse their tea with whole leaves and fruit that place their cup under the empty Keurig and get the boiling water needed to steep their tea bags.


Campbells KeurigGreen Mountain recently announced their partnership with Campbell’s Soup Co. to provide an authorized K-Cup that freshly brews soup right from your brewer!  Not surprisingly, Chicken Broth & Noodles will be in the line-up among the varieties to be launched.


Life today seems to be more and more about how to squeeze just one more thing into an already packed schedule.  Instead, we challenge you to sit back, relax, brew your favorite cup and just enjoy your moment.  Who knows…maybe in your moment you’ll be the one coming up with the “next big thing” that makes everyone else say, “Duh…why didn’t I think of that?!” :-)


Hot or Iced…How do you like your coffee?

We are now in the midst of summer and the days are beginning to get hot. Getting tired of a hot beverage on a summer day? It just might be time, if you haven’t already, to give iced coffee a shot. With your single serve machine (like a k-cup or pod machine), it is as easy as filling your cup with ice before brewing and you have a cool treat. Just make sure you use a tumbler instead of a glass cup, so that the change in temperature doesn’t break the cup! That morning cup of coffee will always be hot for me as that has always been my routine, but on a hot afternoon a nice cup of iced coffee could not be more refreshing.

There are so many flavors to offer from the k-cups, such as french vanilla, hazelnut, and vanilla cream if you are interested in stepping outside of the box. Worried about ice cubes watering down the drink? Not a problem!  Ahead of time, make ice cubes with coffee and use those instead! Even a little half and half can make a huge difference. You’ll find that brewing your own iced coffee at home will save you a ton of $$ vs. going through the expensive drive-through at your local coffee shop.  We all know about hot coffee and the amenities it has to offer but are we really exploring the ice coffee alternative?

I know that is just one opinion of many. What do you think? Do you prefer your coffee hot or iced brewed?