A Proper Way to Brew Iced Coffee

It is summer and that means HOT. I’m not talking just mid day hot, I’m talking about wake up and the mercury in the thermometer is already skyrocketing hot. When it is this kind of hot, just thinking about a hot coffee in the morning makes me sweat before I’ve gotten out of bed. Brewing my own single-serve iced coffee has become such a refreshing morning treat and since I have embraced drinking it more and more, I had to look into how to properly brew it on my own.

iced coffee

If time is of the essence, then a quick, single-serve brew from my k-cup or Flavia machine does the trick.  Use a tumbler (instead of glass) and fill it with ice and brew the hot coffee right into the tumbler.  To avoid the watered-down taste I’d plan ahead the night before an brew a quick cup of whatever flavor I was going to drink in the morning, freeze it into ice cubes and use the coffee ice cubes in the morning.  It was when I noticed that even my quick iced coffee often had a kind of acidic taste to it that the computer came out and the research began. I learned that true iced coffee is a slightly different brewing process and although a bit more lengthy in time does not lack taste in any sense.

To brew your own iced coffee at home you’ll need:

  • Light or Medium roasted coffee beans, ground coarsely (Dark roast are more acidic)
  • Desired container (Something large enough because it takes a day to sit and brew)
  • A Cheese Cloth or Filter
  • Room temperature water

Since the process takes a day to sit and steep like tea, I decided to reuse my gallon orange juice jug. The first step is to add your grounds to a third of your water and stir it in so you have a thick mixture. Then you mix in the rest of your water and let sit for 24 hours. Lastly just give it a stir a couple times over the sitting time. When you are ready to serve, pour your coffee through your cheese cloth or filter to catch the grounds.

iced coffee 2

The water to grounds ratio is totally up to you, depending on how strong you want your coffee. For mine, I put in about 20 tablespoons of my coffee grounds to my gallon jug. And since I used a gallon jug with a narrow top, I couldn’t stir it with a spoon so I just capped the top and gently shook it. I would recommend using something similar to a gallon jug or a pitcher because this allowed for easy serve and storage in the refrigerator.

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Hot or Iced…How do you like your coffee?

We are now in the midst of summer and the days are beginning to get hot. Getting tired of a hot beverage on a summer day? It just might be time, if you haven’t already, to give iced coffee a shot. With your single serve machine (like a k-cup or pod machine), it is as easy as filling your cup with ice before brewing and you have a cool treat. Just make sure you use a tumbler instead of a glass cup, so that the change in temperature doesn’t break the cup! That morning cup of coffee will always be hot for me as that has always been my routine, but on a hot afternoon a nice cup of iced coffee could not be more refreshing.

There are so many flavors to offer from the k-cups, such as french vanilla, hazelnut, and vanilla cream if you are interested in stepping outside of the box. Worried about ice cubes watering down the drink? Not a problem!  Ahead of time, make ice cubes with coffee and use those instead! Even a little half and half can make a huge difference. You’ll find that brewing your own iced coffee at home will save you a ton of $$ vs. going through the expensive drive-through at your local coffee shop.  We all know about hot coffee and the amenities it has to offer but are we really exploring the ice coffee alternative?

I know that is just one opinion of many. What do you think? Do you prefer your coffee hot or iced brewed?