Will You Be the Next Customer of the Month?

customer of the monthNo business can be truly successful without customer loyalty and positive interaction, both privately and publicly. is so fortunate to have some pretty amazing customers and we’d like to take the time to raise our mug to those who go above and beyond, help spread the word about us and get social with us.

This month we’d like to toast to Michael S. from Bridgeton, NJ, who has been a customer with us since our opening in 2009!  We see him most often on Facebook liking, sharing and chatting with us.  Here’s what Michael had to say about his experiences with when we told him about our Customer of the Month initiative:

“Coffee Time” is a special part of our day, often a quiet, intimate moment. Coffee can be our energy boost or a time to simply relax, it can kick-start creative thinking or be the closer to a great meal, etc…  Thanks to CoffeeRocket’s commitment to its customers, you make our “coffee time” a completely enjoyable Experience !
~Michael S

How can you become customer of the month?  Get social with us, spread the word about what you appreciate most about us and maybe we’ll be raising our mug to you next month!  We at are granting one customer a month a prize just for sharing, retweeting, commenting, or referring friends with Coffee Rocket. You already do those things on a daily basis anyway right, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and start using your social media to interact with Coffee Rocket. There is free coffee to be had!


Coffee 101 – Food and Coffee Complements

Coffee & Food PairingsIt’s more popular to have a discussion on food and wine pairings, but not so common to think of food and coffee parings! I’m not merely saying what foods coffee tastes good with, I’m talking about getting into the nitty-gritty of what specific coffee is good with what specific foods.  In the end, everyone has their own favorite coffee & food combos but here is a basic guide of coffee to food pairings based on the way they complement one another.

Let’s start with one of my favorite meals of the day – breakfast.  Depending on how much time I have in the morning often guides what I am going to have for breakfast. Luckily I can save loads of time when it comes to my coffee decision thanks to the ease and speed of k-cups, pods and freshpacks. I just need to decide what I am going to eat so I can pop the right pairing in my single-serve brewer. For example, simple breakfasts like toast or cereal are a good pair with a light or medium roast Colombian coffee because of their grains. Pancakes and syrup pair up nice with a Kona coffee to help supplement the sweet flavors. Eggs and bacon go nicely with a medium roast but if you got creative and made an omelet, then you may have to think twice. Omelets typically need a coffee that can handle all of the full flavors like a Sumatra coffee can. Or, you can just skip the food entirely and enjoy a nice breakfast blend or even coffees that have a glazed donut or cinnamon roll flavor.

A good pairing of food and coffee doesn’t have to stop at breakfast. There are plenty of other pairings throughout the day. A Kenyan coffee is a good pair for things that are fruity, such as most berries, fruity scones, or banana bread. There is one fruit in particular that really brings out a great pair with Jamaican coffee…blueberries! Just like at breakfast time, a Kona coffee with a maple or raisin scone or oatmeal raisin cookies pairs nicely.  You can begin to see a theme between flavors and coffees no matter what time of day.

Now to the most important food – chocolate!  :-)  Everything goes great with chocolate, including coffee. If we’re talking about dessert after dinner, just be careful with that late night caffeine. Brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate dipped fruit, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate all have a great coffee pair for your after meal sweet tooth. Much of the chocolate scale is covered by a nice dark roast Guatemalan coffee, this includes brownies, chocolate cake, and dark chocolate. These usually have a very chocolatey flavor and go well with a coffee that can back that up. White chocolate, on the other hand, is a lighter on the chocolate flavor so a Colombian coffee is a good match. For the fruity flavors of chocolate covered strawberries, similar rules apply as regular fruit. The Kenyan and African coffees are a great compliment to this dish because of their winey (find this term in the next Coffee 101 Series) and fruit like flavors. And then comes my simple favorite, milk chocolate. The easiest of all to pair a coffee to as nearly any coffee will do.

This basic guide is a great start but there is so much room to be creative!  Have a pair that I didn’t mention? I am always looking to try more, so please share! I look forward to hearing what you have in mind.


Coffee Rocket’s Back To School Giveaway

Microsoft Surface PromoNothing starts my day off on the right track better than my favorite cup of coffee, catching up on current events and a little peace and quiet before everyone in the house begins to stir.  Over the years catching up on the news has evolved from having the paper actually delivered to my home, to delivering it online on my computer, to more recently reading it on my mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc). Times have changed and technology definitely plays a huge role in many of our daily lives and is constantly evolving at a lightening fast pace!

Even the traditional back-to-school lists, especially for higher education, are evolving and many include some type of computer or mobile device as part of the requirements.  So in recognition of back-to-school being right around the corner we have the perfect giveaway in mind!  From August 6th to the 21st, you can enter to win a Microsoft Surface tablet for FREE!

But what exactly is a Microsoft Surface tablet and what can it do for you? Is it a tablet or a laptop? Well, it is actually both. This tab/top comes loaded with Windows 8 and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 with enhanced features so that it is touch compatible too. This is just fancy talk for, take it to class and take notes on it! Imagine how easy it will be to carry your coffee and your backpack to class.

Looking for a case? I bought the case that doubles as a keyboard. It’s even spill proof so that when I read the online Sunday paper and bump my coffee over, I can just wipe it off with no worries. Just last week I used my Microsoft Surface to Skype family across the country as they opened their new k-cups from Coffee Rocket. :-)

Fun fact: The Microsoft Surface tablet is made with gorilla glass for high durability so you could even skateboard on it.

microsoft surface skateboard

So hurry and enter to win before its too late! Follow the simple instructions here: and get yours. #backtoschool #saveoncoffee #CoffeeandSurface

What would you do with yours?