Pumpkin Out, Winter Flavors In

As the warmer weather rolled in ice cubes started filling our cups.  We all know that when it comes to the fall, the featured flavor that seems to take the craze is pumpkin. I don’t know if it is the demand of being around for a short period of time or if it is the fact that is just seems to taste so good with the cold weather, but regardless of the reasons the popularity is undeniable. Now that the snowflakes are blowing in and the seasonal pumpkin runs out, what’s next?

Santa coffee

A number of flavors have been swirling around from eggnog to chocolate to the classic peppermint. The peppermint coffees have sprung up as a nice and simple flavor without any real additives, but if you are looking to treat yourself to something different take a look below…

peppermint coffee

Hot Chocolate:

Winter Craze:


gingerbread coffee

Whatever your winter go-to flavor is, may every cup be soothing and invigorating!

What’s your favorite winter go-to drink {a little alcohol in it is ok, too 😉 }?


October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is already well known for Columbus Day and Halloween, but it is fast becoming synonymous with Breast Cancer, too. The whole month is dedicated to increasing the awareness of breast cancer. Statistically, breast cancer affects one in eight women in different levels of severity. There are many well-known organizations that contribute to the breast cancer fight.  The NFL makes great efforts to increase awareness encouraging all players, staff and facilities to deck out in pink as it is the official color that represents the disease awareness.

nfl breast cancer

Unfortunately, breast cancer is hereditary, but there have been numerous studies suggesting ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Changing one’s diet and including certain vitamins can help our bodies in certain ways with certain foods or beverages. The more wholesome [ or “clean eating”] the better, but some studies have shown you should ingest specific foods in order to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are very good to specifically reduce the risk of estrogen sensitive cancers. Fiber alone has been found to reduce breast cancer when you eat ten grams to your daily diet. An uncommon one, seaweed, has been found to have a preventative effect on breast cancer as well. And if possible, it is very helpful to reduce the amount of consumption for foods that are processed or have pesticides or chemicals associated with them [again, “clean eating”]. This means that organic or hormone free foods are really the best and most nutritious. Of course coffee has got to enter the discussion at some point! It has antioxidants in it that can help protect cells from damage that may lead to cancer.

breast cancer

You can put your love of coffee can to good use by helping the fight against breast cancer with Caribou Coffee. For a limited time, Caribou Coffee has a blend of light roast coffee dedicated to their roast-master, Amy, who lost her life in the fight against breast cancer. So go ahead and get your cup of coffee for yourself, while 10% of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen fight for the cure against breast cancer. As an added plus, you can visit their page on Facebook and donate a virtual tulip (Amy’s favorite flower) which will then be actually planted in Amy’s National Garden of Hope at the Historic Brookside Gardens in D.C..

amys blend


[Medical disclaimer: We are not doctor’s!] Like any lifestyle and/or dietary change, you should always consult your doctor before making any changes to your exercise and diet routines.  Early detection is the best chance of surviving any type of cancer, so make sure you don’t make excuses, see your doctor and get your mammogram, colonoscopy or whatever exam can help you!


Breakfast On The Go

fast food coffee

We don’t always have the luxury of enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee at home in our pj’s.  If your schedule is anything like mine, then you’re moving 0-60 as soon as your feet hit the ground most days.  And depending on where your schedule takes you, you might be limited on where you can fill up your cup.  It’s a pretty safe bet that no matter where you are, there is going to be a fast food joint within a stone’s throw.  And if you didn’t have time to grab breakfast before you left for the day, you probably are looking for a one-stop shop for both breakfast AND coffee.  Most recently Taco Bell has branched out to serve breakfast…breakfast burritos, breakfast crunchwraps, and the legendary Waffle Taco are all now available. So what does this mean for the future of fast food breakfast? Well, McDonald’s won’t take this sitting down as they are offering a free small coffee at breakfast for the next two weeks (at participating locations). I don’t know about you, but I always love free coffee.

A quick look at fast food coffee. If you are looking for the cheapest cup of coffee, then Wendy’s is the place to go. McDonald’s has gotten good reviews on their coffee and they make a mean McGriddle. According to an authority on french toast sticks {my niece and nephew :) } Burger King is king of the french toast sticks and also offer coffee.  Over the past few years we have seen fast food places add healthier choices to their breakfast menus such as oatmeal with fruit and yogurt parfaits.  I have yet to try a Taco Bell breakfast but you have to give their marketing team kudos for their humorous ads with Ronald McDonald.  :) {Watch the video}

caribou earth month

If you are looking for something on the better quality side of coffee and have the time in your day to track down a coffee joint, you could try Caribou Coffee. They are offering unlimited coffee refills for the month of April if you buy their Earth Month Tumbler. Where ever your day takes you, we hope you find time catch your breath and take a moment for yourself.  Where have you enjoyed the best cup of coffee on the go?