Coffee 101 Series

Coffee Question

When you are shopping for coffee there are a lot of terms used to describe a particular brand and flavor…”light roast”, “earthy”, “exotic”, “bright”, or even “spicy”, just to name a few.  Do you really know what those mean?  How can you determine what kind of coffee drinker you are?

When I was younger (and a lot less knowledgeable about coffee) I had visions of my coffee looking bright, smelling like dirt, probably came from some foreign country and had a kick to it like Tabasco.  Really?  Was I that naive?  Luckily I had the sense to do some research and found out how far off from the true meanings I was and that these terms were actually things that helped me define my coffee preference so I would know what to look for when coffee shopping. It gives me a good laugh to look back and see I’ve come a long way since my college days and am much more refined in my coffee knowledge.

We’re excited to begin a new blog series on coffee basics, Coffee 101.  At the end of our series you’ll not only be able to describe what kind of coffee drinker you are but feel more comfortable trying out a new coffee flavor and maybe even impressing a pal or two at the breakfast table. :-)

Coffee 101

When you wake up in the morning and enjoy that smell of your coffee brewing, you are enjoying its aroma. If you like the smell of coffee grounds before they are brewed, that is called the bouquet. While these are terms to describe your coffee in a good way, bland or stale are terms not usually associated with a good cup o’Joe. These mean that there is a lack of flavor in the coffee (bland) or that it has been sitting around for too long and become flat (stale). Last, but not least, there is tone, which is a term used to actually describes the physical appearance of the coffee.

When I was younger I would never think to describe my coffee other than good or bad, but as I have developed my own sense of coffee preference, it’s almost like speaking a different language.  How’s it feel to have your first coffee language lesson? :-)

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