Put a New Lid On It!

The aroma as it brews and when you bring it to your lips, the warmth of the mug as you wrap your hands around it, how you can feel the warmth trickle down the back of your throat to your belly…I am sure there is no argument when we say that there is nothing quite like that first sip of coffee in the morning.

Coffee has been an age old tradition and as we pack every minute of every day, it seems like disposable travel cups and lids are part of that tradition nowadays. The main goal of these lids are to keep the coffee warm and in the cup, but have you ever stopped to think about how differently coffee flows out of the little hole in the lid compared to how it flows freely from your mug?

viora lid

Coffee just flows smoother from your mug and this train of thought was used to create the Viora Lid. Instead of having a lid with a small hole, Viora has created a lid that mimics the way a coffee mug works. It has a brand new design that has a reservoir that the coffee pours into and then you sip it from the lid itself.

viora lid specks

The lid also helps capture the coffee aroma as it flows, similar to how a wine is properly served. This lid truly encompasses how coffee should be drank, especially on the go. As an added bonus, the lid also prevents the splash of hot liquids that often occurs with the to-go lids we use now. While this is a relatively new, yet simple idea, it has the potential to change how we can truly ENJOY to-go coffee.

viora lid splash

Again, why didn’t we think of that? :)

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