Ogawa Coffee Comes to Boston

ogawa coffeeOne of Japan’s biggest names in coffee, Ogawa Coffee, has made plans to open their very first coffee shop in the United States in the city of Boston. Why Boston versus a place like New York or a closer city like Seattle who is known for coffee? This choice was made for the similarities that they feel Boston has to Kyoto, their headquarters in Japan. Japan is one of the top consumers of coffee around the world, behind USA and Germany.

The Japanese coffee style has been described as being very strong or potent while the Ogawa coffee is known for the thickness and sophistication of their coffee. Unlike the on-the-go mentality of many Americans, Ogawa coffee is one that is served in a Japanese glassware brand called Hario (now found at Williams and Sonoma) and to have the art behind it be appreciated. In order to translate this quality to America, Ogawa coffee has brought the 2010 World Latte Art Champion, Haruna Murayama, to help with the creation of the menu (below is the 2010 World Latte Art Champion submission).

ogawa coffee 2010 coffee latte art

We often take our coffee on the go and use more espresso type beverages than the Japanese do. It will be interesting to see how Ogawa bridges these coffee cultural differences when they debut their first store in the states.  Me, I just can’t wait to see what kind of art will be waiting in my first cup. :)

ogawa coffee latte art

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