Seriously, why didn’t we think of that?!

Even though most people slowly transition from iced coffee to hot coffee as the cooler fall weather sets in, there are always those die-hard iced coffee drinkers.  Luckily for you, we came across this awesome new invention called the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker. What makes this product stand out from others is the cooling process does not water down your coffee like the traditional pour over ice method. The container resembles a thermos that you pre-chill before you pour your coffee directly into it. After that, you simply put on the insulating sleeve that keeps your now cold beverage cold and you are good to go! This cups does just about everything except brew the coffee for you…


Which is the perfect lead into this next find! It is called the Hey Joe Coffee Mug and this little guy is quite possibly the first of many future creations in revolutionizing how we view coffee on the go.

hey joe

This travel sized mug can regulate the temperature of your coffee and brew it all from the same device, anywhere. It has a water compartment, a heater plate, a compartment for the coffee, and a rechargeable battery on the bottom. The only limit we can see is that currently only their brand coffee pods fit in the mug, but we have a feeling that it’s only going to get better from here!

hey joe how to


Why Not Eat The Cup Too?

Coffee is a game-changer for many people and has become a staple at meal time, not just breakfast or dinner. It has been served hot, cold, and even mixed in with foods. There are seasonal flavors, breakfast flavors, and decaf for the evenings. Becoming more environmentally conscious top’s many to-do lists while at the same time convenience tends to trump all.  How can we continue to consume large quantities of coffee and still enjoy the convenience of disposable cups?  What if the coffee cup….was edible?!

alfred coffee

A small shop in L.A. by the name of Alfred Coffee and Kitchen has been open for about a year now and has been making some ripples in the coffee world for their special espresso shots. These small drinks of espresso or macchiato are served in a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. Coffee AND chocolate…sign me up!

alfred coffee cone

An idea in the works: Environmentalists rejoice that there is no cup waste but the size does pose an issue for someone who wants more than just a shot of coffee. One big challenge is that the espresso and macchiato has to be cool enough in order to keep the beverage from melting the chocolate and ultimately making the cone soggy. Regardless of the challenges, hats off to Alfred Coffee & Kitchen for this ingenious idea and we can’t wait to how they improve on the idea.

Do you have any other ideas on how to consume your coffee and reduce your environmental footprint?


Coffee + Nap = Coffee Naps!

coffee nap
For many life is so busy it’s hard to avoid that early afternoon “drag” feeling when your morning coffee may be wearing off and/or your body is working overtime digesting that big lunch you ate. Chances are you have two thoughts in your head: “I want to take a nap” and “I need another cup of coffee”.  Which one is the best pick-me-up?  A new study shows both may be in the cards for you!

coffee nao

How It Works: There are a few keys to this technique in order to make it work. The first is that you must drink your caffeinated beverage quickly and fall asleep before it starts to kick in. {We say caffeinated beverage because any will do, such as tea, coffee, or espresso.}  You may want to try something like an espresso because it is typically a smaller drink, which makes it easier to consume quickly. The second key is to make sure your nap is no longer than 20 minutes. Less is certainly okay but more will make your body go into a deeper sleep which will make you feel more tired from waking up from.

coffee nap 2

Behind the Study: Researchers at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom found that these “coffee naps” rejuvenated their participants more than just naps or coffee alone and scored the fewest errors in their driving simulator. Scientifically, the process helps to remove a molecule in our brain called Adenosine. This molecule plugs into our brain receptors and makes us feel tired. These same receptors are what caffeine plugs into to make us feel alert. Therefore this technique helps to clear out the Adenosine and make room for the caffeine that we just drank. Crazy to think that these seemingly opposite things, coffee versus sleep, really provides the most alertness when mixed!

Are you able to fall asleep fast enough to take a coffee nap?


Not Your Ordinary Creamer

camel coffee

Straight black coffee is not for everyone.  Many add cream, sugar and other flavors to make their cup just right.  The UK has used cow, goat, and even buffalo milk widely for many different uses. Believe it or not, there is now an idea to use camel milk in coffee shops. If you are a Westerner, it probably sounds weird, right? In fact, camel milk has been used quite frequently in the Middle East and East Africa due to these creatures being more native to these areas. The idea of putting the camel milk in coffee in London came from the organization Camelicious, who run a camel milking facility.


Not convinced? Camel milk is rich in vitamins, has antibacterial properties, is a rich source of insulin, and can even be drunk by those who are lactose intolerant. It is said to have a “clean and palatable” taste to it by those who have had the opportunity to try it.

camel milk

It is very hard to come by, especially here in the United States. The best part about the camel milk in the UK is that they are using donations from their coffee proceeds to help farming charities in Africa to give back to their producers. For now, we’ll have to travel to the East if we’d like to try a “Camelattes”. :)

Have you ever tried anything “out of the ordinary” in your coffee?


Coffee Aids The American Dream

Starbucks college plan
The “American Dream” is a term that has been used by many far and wide. Often, it is synonymous with getting a college degree. But as we grow as a nation, so does the tuition of many schools. This makes it hard to get a degree or to come out of school debt free. In an effort to better the definition of the “American Dream”, Starbucks is creating a program to help their partners (employees) achieve their full degree of education.

Starbucks ASU

By pairing with Arizona State University, Starbucks and their other chains, such as Teavana and Seattle’s Best, are working to help their partners achieve a full education while they work 20 or more hours at the stores. They are offering partners the opportunity to finish their bachelor’s degree with full tuition reimbursement.

Starbucks cap

This program has been called Starbucks College Achievement Plan and we are amazed at what a generous opportunity this is for their employees. The partnership with Arizona State University involves an online curriculum so that each employee/student is not required to go to the campus in Arizona. Astonishingly, despite all of the help that Starbucks is providing, they do not require you to remain an employee after you receive your degree. This generous program aims to address the growing college dropout rate and the college loan debts that may hurt or discourage some from an opportunity at an education that we should all have the chance for.

Here’s to Starbucks to help further the “American Dream” for so many individuals, we raise our mugs to you.