Pocket Sized Coffee

jiva cubes

Faster, easier, convenient…this is what most people are looking for in almost everything they do.  Single serve options, such as the Keurig or FLAVIA Creation brewers, have drastically decreased the time it takes for one to enjoy a freshly brewed cup in the morning {check out our alarm clock brewer post to see what we mean!}.  But what about a solution for those on the go where a k-cup or freshpack brewer is not readily available?  Right out of the “Why didn’t I think of that?” book Natalia & Allen had this brilliant idea to circumvent the long lines at the coffee shops that always made them late for class which blossomed in Jiva Cubes.

jiva cubes 3

There are only two ingredients that go into Jiva Cubes: Premium Colombian Arabica coffee grounds and unrefined cane sugar. Now all you need is water or milk to mix it in. It can be hot or cold, as long as you pop in your cubes and wait 30 seconds and then give it a stir. The recommended amount is two cubes for one cup, but of course it is totally up to you and your preferences. Why the unrefined cane sugar? Creators use it to help hold the grounds together and the unrefined sugar has raw nutrients that are good for us.  They come in 6 different flavors to suit a wide variety of tastes: Classic, Mocha, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Caramel, and Hot Chocolate.

jiva cubes 2

{Lightbulb over my head!}…you can literally go anywhere and have a great cup of coffee with you. Truly an amazing idea with such simplicity.  Camping in the wilderness and preparing my favorite cup o’joe just got even better!  Where would this cube make your life easier?


Alarm Clock With A Perk

I don’t know about you, but the most difficult thing to do during the week is to get up in the morning. More specifically, I struggle the most between getting out of bed and having my cup of coffee. Single serve brewers, like the Keurig and Flavia brewers, have drastically shortened the time it takes to deliver my favorite cup o’joe.  Some advanced brewers have timers so you can set it the night before to automatically brew your cup at a certain time the next morning.  Aahhh….got to love modern technology!

Of course everything can be taken to the extreme, so what’s more efficient (or even lazier) than programming your coffee to be ready and waiting for you when you wake up? The only thing I can see improving this process is taking out the walk from my bed to the kitchen, but that seems a bit too good to be true…or is it?

coffee alarm clock

How about a coffee brewing alarm clock? It is called the Barisieur and is currently being created by the U.K. industrial designer Joshua Renouf. This clock brews a cup of coffee for you the moment your alarm goes off. Now I can simply roll over while still in bed and enjoy my coffee, extending the time I get to stay in the warmth of my blankets. This is the equivalent of having a butler come in with your coffee and newspaper as they welcome you to another day and draw you a warm bath.  :)



This sophisticated looking machine will eliminate the harsh sound of the morning alarm and replace it with the sound of the stainless steel ball bearings that are also used to boil the water. The Barisieur has its own compartments to store your ground coffee, sugar, and milk. However the coffee does need to be added the night before so it will actually be brewed.


There are only two drawbacks that I can think of when it comes to the Barisieur. The first is just being clumsy or still half asleep in the morning and knocking it all over the place or worse, onto yourself.   The second drawback is the anticipated price. It says that the Barisieur is expected to be in the range of 150-250 pounds (not the weight). That is the equivalent to about $252-420 US dollars. That is a large range and a hefty price to pay for an alarm clock.



What routine do you have in the morning that reduces the time it takes to wake up and enjoy your first cup of coffee?