Butter IN Your Coffee?!

butter coffee

Summertime is often synonymous with losing weight and diets.  I don’t think we can open a magazine or turn on the TV or radio and not see at least one ad regarding a latest diet fad.  It’s pretty overwhelming the hundreds of ways one can try to diet, and often times we find these diets coming and going and coming back again!

{Disclaimer: we are not doctor’s nor recommend any type of diet and/or exercise without consulting with your doctor first.}

Because of our love of coffee, we’d be remiss to not mention a new health fad that is emerging surrounding coffee.  Don’t reach for that creamer and sugar…grab the butter instead! The butter is used in coffee as a replacement for the cream and sugar and offers some health properties that you may be unaware of.

grass-fed butter

The key to this trend revolves around using ONLY unsalted, grass-fed cow butter. Most cows are given cheap food, therefore the cow does not get the proper nutrients to pass along through their meat or dairy products. The grass-fed cow’s diets are chock full of great nutrients and the benefits are passed on to you through a few tablespoons of butter in your cup of coffee. {Yes, I said TABLEspoons…it was not a misprint.}

NOTE: Making your coffee this way is often used as a meal replacement and served blended together in a frothy fashion as it has a few hundred calories and has good number of grams of fat (good fats).

frothy butter coffee

The most common reaction to this…so much butter must be bad for your health, but lets break it down.  It regulates cholesterol, reduces body fat, helps your body build brain and body cell walls, and reduces the risk of heart disease. All of these are heath benefits from just the unsalted, grass-fed cow butter. Think about what other benefits can be added to this list because of the coffee you are mixing it with! {Read our Coffee Does What?! post about the benefits of coffee.}

What more could you add?  If you add a few tablespoons of coconut oil and you have what has been deemed as “Bulletproof Coffee”. This super drink has been endorsed by Dr. Oz and used by top athletes for a great source of well being and natural energy. The creator of the “Bulletproof Coffee” got his claim to fame from having this natural beverage given to him on an extreme hike in Tibet from the locals that rejuvenated him in the cold and high altitude climate.

bulletproof coffee

Now I have not tried the “Bulletproof Coffee” variety yet, however I did try adding butter to my coffee instead of cream and sugar. It has a different texture to it as the drink is kind of oily and you can taste to butter on your lips, but surprising turned out to be pretty good! Give it a try and let us know what you think.


The Breakroom Do’s & Don’ts


Ok, let’s just say it like it is….the breakroom experience can be very interesting to say the least.  Whether you work at an office, school, restaurant, or wherever, common sense seems to fly out the window when it’s break time!  So, how can we turn the break room into someplace everyone can look forward to visiting?

{The Equipment} The most important thing to remember about any break room is that it is a PUBLIC PLACE! This means that you should be mindful of the tools, such as the microwave, fridge, and most important of all…..the coffee machine! So there a few housekeeping points that should be noted in order to make your break room dazzle. When it comes to the microwave, don’t let your food explode all in it and not clean up. That is just gross and makes people want to eat their food cold. You should also be mindful if there are others waiting behind you. If yours isn’t quite done in two minutes, then use it after the person behind you. People will notice it in a good way, believe me :).

dirty breakroom

{The BIG Equipment} The battleground of every break room…the fridge. You fight for space, go to extreme lengths to make sure nobody takes your food, trying to decide what are public goods, and what is that thing rotting in the back? All of these issues can be quickly cleared up with a few tips of clarification. Limit your space, don’t take any food (or fancy beverage) that does not belong to you, and make sure you eat or remove your food before it goes bad in the fridge. Things that are “community” would be like condiments or spreads, that half and half or creamer for coffee, and other large items that are not for just one sitting.  Make life easier and set a “clean out” rule, such as every Friday at the end of business everything but the condiments gets discarded.

{The BEST Equipment In The Room}  Let us be honest….the real reason we come to the break room is for the coffee to get us through the day. The absolute last thing you want to happen on a long day is to be denied of this magical substance that gets your hamster back in the wheel. In order to drink your coffee you need at minimum two things: a cup and the coffee. So if you’re in a larger office where full pots are brewed and you finish the pot, then brew some more coffee. If you’re in a smaller office where they provide a single-cup machine such as a Keurig brewer or a Flavia machine, discard your empty k-cup or freshpack when done brewing and refill the water.  It is not that hard to start a new pot or clean up your trash and then head back to work. The same may apply if you are using disposable cups or use up the creamer or sugar. Go get the refill for it real quick or make a note that there is none left, don’t just leave a poor colleague hanging. Some places are going greener and require you to bring in your own cup for coffee. So if you don’t have one, don’t use someone else’s! At least ask to use a friend’s cup or if anyone has an extra.

breakroom coffee

So enter your break room tomorrow with a new frame of mind…one minute of tidiness will bring a multitude of happiness from your fellow coworkers and make the breakroom more welcoming to visit.  Now about that gossip in the break room….that’s a whole different post! :)

What other things do you think should be done the break room to help keep it clean and less a source of contention?


Coffee World Cup

This is an exciting time for all you football fans out there!  No, we aren’t referring to pig skin football but more commonly referred to in the United States as soccer.  No matter what country you are from or what country you are rooting for to win the World Cup, we all love coffee right?! The 2014 FIFA World Cup begins this weekend and is taking place in the largest coffee producer in the world, Brazil. Brazil produces about a third of the World’s supply of coffee today.  Football {Soccer} fan or not, let’s take a look at our FIFA contenders through a different lens, coffee, which we can all relate to!

Brazil flag map

Brazil– This country produces a special strain of Arabica coffee bean called Bourbon Santos. Bourbon Santos is grown in Sau Paulo and is shipped from the Port of Santos, thus the market name. It is well known for the smooth and nutty flavor and the low acidity. This low acidity is due to the low elevation of the plantation.

USA flag map

USA– Hawaii is a big producer of coffee right here in the US. The best known and demanded is the Kona coffee. Hawaii has very fertile volcanic soil that provides great conditions for this rich, medium served coffee.

Mexico flag map

Mexico– Mexico is another big producer of coffee worldwide. A well known type is the Altera, for the high altitude growth. Typically used for dark roasts, this coffee has a good aroma, flavors, and with a sharpness to it.

costa rica flag map

Costa Rica– This country is better known for the quality and care of the beans that they produce. Grown mostly on small farms, these beans typically have a medium body and sharp acidity that is loved throughout the world.

Columbia flag mpa

Columbia– The second biggest, but most well known coffee worldwide. Just like Costa Rica, Columbia takes pride in their quality of bean and harvest most of their beans from many small farms. Beans range from Colombian Supremo (highest grade, aromatic, sweet) to Excelso Grande (softer, more acidic).

If you were to choose the FIFA World Cup winner based on coffee, who would you favor to win?