Coffee for Veterans

Although Memorial Day is over, that does not mean the conversation surrounding our veterans should be over, too. The unfortunate truth is that there is a rising number of veterans who come back from their service to our country unemployed. It is not always easy to help or know what you can do to help. There are some great organizations that help the troops get back on their feet once they return including Veterans Promise Coffee.

Veterans Promise Coffee

Veterans Promise Coffee offers not only their own retail coffee brand, but also small business opportunities for Veterans. Veterans can operate and control their own coffee kiosk and provides a great opportunity to help those in need. Thanks to their partners, Veterans Promise Coffee can make all of this possible from the supply of coffee to the marketing.

Veterans Promise Kiosk

If you purchase a cup of coffee from one of these kiosks you can expect a great cup of coffee.  The company that supplies larges chains such as the  Ritz Carlton hotel and Cracker Barrel restaurant is also the supplier for Veterans Promise Coffee. Royal Cup Coffee prides themselves on their quality of coffee.  Any organization that legitimately goes above and beyond to help out those in need is something that everyone can take note from. What other ways and/or organizations do you know of that support our Veterans?


Coffee Is Making Me Hungry

coffee breakfast

Ok, I admit it…I am a closet Food Network junkie!  Getting sucked into this channel tends to end poorly for me because it makes me incredibly hungry for the delicious foods they are preparing and before I know it, hours have gone by. If the dish isn’t too difficult, I may even try to replicate it while it’s still fresh in my memory, but even then it doesn’t always come out like the finished meal on tv. One morning I stopped at the Food Network and was fascinated at how many different ways they incorporated coffee into the show.

Now, I’m not talking about the hosts drinking some coffee and then whizzing through a recipe. These hosts were actually using coffee as an INGREDIENT in their recipes! The coffee was used on pork chops, in muffins and on ribs and steak as a rub. These all sounded pretty good to me, but there was one that really stood out…coffee butter. The recipe was simply pancakes or waffles (although you can even make coffee pancakes) with coffee infused butter on top. Of course my sweet tooth made me think maple syrup would need to be poured on top, too. :)

Coffee and butter

You can use whatever coffee you like to make this recipe because all you’re doing is whisking the coffee and soft, unsalted butter together. The ratio is half cup of brewed coffee to 4 tablespoons of butter. Make sure that the coffee is cooled before mixing together as you don’t want it to just melt the butter into the coffee. After pondering this simple recipe, I began to think outside the box. I could keep this coffee butter in the fridge and then put it in any recipe in place of the butter required!  It may be crazy and I am not sure it will work in baking situations, but you know I’ll have to try that next :).

Coffee butter is quickly becoming a breakfast essential at my table, thanks to the Food Network.  I am curious, have you found a way to incorporate coffee into one of your recipes?  Let us know!


Run Caffeine, Run

coffee run

Coffee is a beverage consumed worldwide everyday. Some drink it in the mornings before work, while others may drink it at 2:30 to get an extra boost to finish the day. I was surprised over the weekend when a friend posted on Facebook they actually time their coffee consumption to help boost…{drum roll, please!} their athletic performance!

Coffee is known to help with diseases like Alzheimer’s because it boosts brain activity but how does it help boost athletic performance? This brain activity also makes you feel less sensitive to being tired, thus making you run farther. The trick is to time it right by drinking your coffee about an hour before your event. Coffee actually does not dehydrate you either. It is important to drink water or drinks with electrolytes during your activity just like normal. And it doesn’t stop there. This same caffeine can help with post activity recovery too.

running coffee

So what do you ya say? Maybe that morning coffee is for running! Just another way coffee can help you to get things done. Everything from waking up, to doing chores or work, to even getting off the couch and running farther than you expected. {Again…I am no doctor and as always, please check with your doctor before changing your routine!} Just be careful because about 8 cups of coffee prior to an event can cause you to fail an Olympic drug test!

Ok athletes out there…would you incorporate a cup of your favorite joe into your routine?



Need An Extra Boost?


I ran into some of my nieces and nephews over the weekend and was quickly brought back to my college days as they all talked about exam cram time they are going through right now. It consists of late nights and early mornings for that last minute studying in hopes to maximize your grade potential. Many students turn to their favorite cup o’joe to help boost their energy, stay up longer and hopefully increase focus through exam week.

Luckily there’s no more cram time in my future but I do find for many in the workforce, it’s common in the afternoon to “hit a wall” (around 2:30 p.m.) where focus is tough and you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. Some may resort to energy drinks but those are not always very healthy for our bodies.


Coffee Shop Boost: An easy little caffeine boost that you can do at any coffee shop, is to add an espresso shot to your drink. Espresso is made through a small amount of hot water being forced into finely ground coffee and creating a greater concentration of flavors. Another option is to get a beverage called the Cafe Americano. This can be a single or double shot of espresso that has a greater water ratio. Or if you’re passing through a Dunkin Donuts you can try their Turbo Coffee or Turbo Shot. These are some simple alterations to your everyday routine that can give you that extra boost you are looking for.

Death Wish Coffee

How about a cup of WORLD’S STRONGEST COFFEE? Appropriately named Death Wish Coffee, this company has worked tirelessly to create their perfected product through their roasting techniques and more importantly, through their small batches. How does this coffee stack up to it’s more well-known counterparts?

Coffee Comparison Death


Of course we’d be we’d be remiss not to mention that exercising regularly and healthy eating are great, natural ways to energize your body. :)  What do you do to help increase your energy and focus when you start to slow down but still need to be focused and effective?


Coffee de Mayo

{Disclaimer: Must be 21 years or older to fully enjoy this post 😉 )
Who doesn’t need a good reason to celebrate?  April showers (and cold, windy cloudy weather) make us yearn for the sunshine, warmer temperatures and busting out the grill kind of weather.  Cinco de Mayo is a fun time that can be shared among all, including your Keurig machine! Evening cocktails or drinks can be easily made with a k-cup of your choice and creative additions to enjoy the celebration.

Cinco de Mayo Coffee

First, in spirit of Cinco de Mayo, let us start what has been coined as “Mexican Coffee”. This drink was originally served in Los Cabos, Mexico and it combines coffee, Kahlua, a scoop of melted ice cream, and your choice of Tequila. It is a simple combination that changes up this traditional beverage.

Mexican Coffee

Don’t feel limited by just coffee type beverages though. Try a hot chocolate k-cup with your choice of liquor to match. I recommend a little hint of a cinnamon flavored liquor such as Goldschlager or Fireball but anything mint always goes well with chocolate, too! The ideas are truly endless based our your own imagination. Apple cider k-cup? Add some brandy. Want to make a hot buttered rum drink? Simply pop in a butter toffee k-cup and add your rum and then garnish with a stick of cinnamon.

Explore the possibilities as you drink your morning coffee, Mexican coffee, or even your Irish coffee (coffee, whiskey, and whipped cream).

Irish Coffee

No matter how you choose to enjoy your beverages, remember to drink responsibly. Share your favorite k-cup cocktails with us and see how yours stack up. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!