Not Just For Coffee Anymore

With one innovative idea, Green Mountain changed the way people think about and brew coffee and tea with K-Cup single serve packs.  The convenience and speed of their Keurig single serve k-cup delivery system has become part of the daily routines of millions. Green Mountain quickly expanded the versatility of their Keurig to brew more than just coffee.  Tea, iced coffee, hot chocolate, cider and more recently VitaBurst and iced tea are enjoyed throughout the year.

I LOVE when someone has the creativity to think outside the box (or brewer in this instance) and come up with a totally different way to use an item.  It seems as though the Keurig brewing system is not just for coffee and tea any more…

Keurig noodles

We all remember those days in college where we resorted to a cheap package of ramen or cup of noodles to get us by. Instead of boiling or microwaving the water, now you can simply place them right under the Keurig! The same can apply for other foods that need to absorb boiling water, such as oatmeal. I even know some people who prefer to infuse their tea with whole leaves and fruit that place their cup under the empty Keurig and get the boiling water needed to steep their tea bags.


Campbells KeurigGreen Mountain recently announced their partnership with Campbell’s Soup Co. to provide an authorized K-Cup that freshly brews soup right from your brewer!  Not surprisingly, Chicken Broth & Noodles will be in the line-up among the varieties to be launched.


Life today seems to be more and more about how to squeeze just one more thing into an already packed schedule.  Instead, we challenge you to sit back, relax, brew your favorite cup and just enjoy your moment.  Who knows…maybe in your moment you’ll be the one coming up with the “next big thing” that makes everyone else say, “Duh…why didn’t I think of that?!” :-)


Earth Day Sustainability

Coffee filter earth

As we draw closer and closer to Earth Day (April 22), we look to our Earth that has given us so much. Not only is it the only planet in our solar system that is capable of human life, but it also grows all the coffee that we drink! I don’t know about you, but that is a pretty huge deal for me. I don’t know where I would be without my little pick me up coffee each morning, so lets give back to our Earth and reduce our personal footprint left on it.

Recycle Your Coffee Grounds –  Did you know that coffee grounds can be used for more than just making coffee?  Check out our previous post Don’t Just Throw Away Those Coffee Grounds that covers some alternative uses for your grounds once you are done brewing. Go ahead and try some of these out for yourself…it just may change your daily routine.

Coffee waste

Convenience Doesn’t Have to Mean Increased Waste – The convenient k-cups forever changed how coffee was consumed and sales continue to grow…but they also are piling up in landfills due to the plastic they are made from not being recyclable. Each pound of coffee equals about 50 k-cups, which then end up in landfills. This is a startling number when you think of the millions of k-cups that are purchased each year.

So what’s being done?  The leader in k-cup production, Green Mountain, has promised to create 100% recyclable k-cups by 2020 to combat this growing environmental issue. There are also some programs that collect used k-cups to recycle the grounds into the environment and incinerate the remainder. Granted, this still creates waste, but the process is continually being worked on to improve the current situation. YouTube videos have also been created to instruct and promote how to reuse and repackage the disposable k-cups.
Reusable k-cup

Reduce Your Own Footprint –  First, each person matters. Don’t be discouraged because your not solving the world’s issues right away but you are a true asset towards the solution. While it may not be as convenient, you can use a reusable k-cup (seen above). This handy little cup fits nicely in your machine and you can pack it with whatever ground coffee you so desire. If you are a frequent to coffee shops, you can use a reusable cup instead of their paper ones. This saves the use of a coffee cup and the sleeve to go around it. Most coffee shops offer their own brand of cup anyway and this almost always means a little discount for your beverage too!

Choose to purchase from companies that have the same sustainability goals as you want to achieve. is proud to be under the umbrella of Compass Group USA, the leader in food service and industry with groundbreaking sustainability policies.  Check out their blog post on composting coffee grounds!

Go ahead and spread the news on how each and every one of us can make a difference. Every small effort matters, especially when many work together. Who knows, maybe you have the next best idea since sliced bread :) ! Happy Earth Day everyone!


New Country, New Coffee

When traveling to any new country, you may encounter many different customs that are cherished and honored by the people who live there. Whether it is how they greet one another, how to properly tip, or how they take their coffee, it can be very different depending on your destination. Part of the fun when traveling is to try new things and live the way others do. Coffee is no exception. This beverage is enjoyed worldwide at many times of the day and night in many different ways. Thanks to Cheapflights, they have provided an awesome visual on how you can participate in the local coffee customs!

Coffee around the world


So which facts surprised you? The amount of coffee shops in Seattle…or how about coffee being served lukewarm? My favorite was the coffee scented stamp. What coffee rituals have you encountered on your travels?


Breakfast On The Go

fast food coffee

We don’t always have the luxury of enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee at home in our pj’s.  If your schedule is anything like mine, then you’re moving 0-60 as soon as your feet hit the ground most days.  And depending on where your schedule takes you, you might be limited on where you can fill up your cup.  It’s a pretty safe bet that no matter where you are, there is going to be a fast food joint within a stone’s throw.  And if you didn’t have time to grab breakfast before you left for the day, you probably are looking for a one-stop shop for both breakfast AND coffee.  Most recently Taco Bell has branched out to serve breakfast…breakfast burritos, breakfast crunchwraps, and the legendary Waffle Taco are all now available. So what does this mean for the future of fast food breakfast? Well, McDonald’s won’t take this sitting down as they are offering a free small coffee at breakfast for the next two weeks (at participating locations). I don’t know about you, but I always love free coffee.

A quick look at fast food coffee. If you are looking for the cheapest cup of coffee, then Wendy’s is the place to go. McDonald’s has gotten good reviews on their coffee and they make a mean McGriddle. According to an authority on french toast sticks {my niece and nephew :) } Burger King is king of the french toast sticks and also offer coffee.  Over the past few years we have seen fast food places add healthier choices to their breakfast menus such as oatmeal with fruit and yogurt parfaits.  I have yet to try a Taco Bell breakfast but you have to give their marketing team kudos for their humorous ads with Ronald McDonald.  :) {Watch the video}

caribou earth month

If you are looking for something on the better quality side of coffee and have the time in your day to track down a coffee joint, you could try Caribou Coffee. They are offering unlimited coffee refills for the month of April if you buy their Earth Month Tumbler. Where ever your day takes you, we hope you find time catch your breath and take a moment for yourself.  Where have you enjoyed the best cup of coffee on the go?